Tirupati Enterprises

Loss Circulation Material


Grade              :  Fine/ Medium/ Coarse

HSN Code      :  35069999

CAS Number :  NA

Appearance   : Brown

Quickseal is a blend of husk, cellulose fibers and flaky LCM material. It can be used in water-base and oil-base mud, as well as work over fluids as a source of deformable, compressible particles that enhance a fluids particle size distribution, seal depleted sands and inhibit hydration of sensitive shale.

Characteristics of quickaseals such as it is an effective in controlling lost circulation, seals micro fractures, provides excellent particle size distribution to form a tough filter cake, effective in both deep water and shallow water applications, helps reducing or stopping seepage loss of mud and work over fluids, compatible with all water, synthetic, oil and brine fluids.

Packing Details :

25 kg in each HDPE Bag/ Brown Paper Bag with inner liner.

Available in White shrink wrap/ Yellow shrink wrap with pallet. 

28 MTs capacity in per container.

Plain bags and Printing on bags available.

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